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Te Toi Taiohi Orchestra

Manurewa Central School String Programme (Wednesday)

The Manukau Youth Orchestra String Programme at Manurewa Central School, Manurewa was established in 2016 and some of our first students have already joined our top level orchestra. The programme is open to year 4-6 students and costs $50 a term to learn violin, viola, cello and double bass.

Lessons, Orchestra & Concerts

Group lessons are half an hour long and held throughout the day on Wednesday. Students must attend after school orchestra from 3pm to 4pm also on Wednesday, perform at our major concerts throughout the year and join Te Toi Taiohi Orchestra after 6-12 months.

Practise at Home

Regular practise at home of 15-30 minutes six days a week is essential for students to progress. Try and establish a routine with your child. Before school practise is worth considering as after school is often fulled with other activities such as sport.

Learning to Read Music

It is really important students learn how to read music early on so they don't fall behind. Thankfully we have developed our own free online music reading games for violin, viola, cello and bass that make learning to read music easy. Make sure they play the game a little every day.

Funding & Fees

The society obtains funding through the Wiri Licensing Trust to help keep our programme affordable. Music lessons and instrument hire costs $50 per term. Photos of students in relation to the programme may be used to promote our work and to help obtain funding.

Enrolments for 2017

To register your child please click here and email this form to Joseph Allan, Musical Director. If the form does not work for you then email the details in the list below to

  • Student Name.
  • Age, instrument, school year (4-6) & classroom number (at Manurewa Central School).
  • Previous musical experience (eg. piano, recorder, can read music etc.).
  • Home telephone.
  • Parents - name, mobile and email.
  • Address (if you are hiring an instrument).

Your child will need to practise 20-30 minutes five days a week, attend after school orchestra rehearsals and attend concerts to stay in the programme. Please note students are expected to join Te Toi Taiohi Orchestra after 6-12 months. To complete registration drop in for twenty minutes during one of our orchestral rehearsals 6pm-8pm Tuesday at Hillpark School.




The lessons and instruments are funded largely by the orchestra through the Wiri Trust and our other supporters.

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