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Down bow stroke movement.

Cello Bowing

A series of images to help beginner cello students learn how to bow straight.
Designed to help younger children when first starting lessons.

Bowing Straight

Hold at the heal.

Place the bow on the strings at the heel and bend your wrist over the bow.

2 Let the strings take the weight of the bow.



Pull the bow across the strings and straighten out your wrist, elbow and arm as you go.

  4 Bow straight.


Near the middle of the bow.Upper half of the bow.Hold at the tip of the bow.


Bowing Across the Strings

5 Lift your arm on the A string.  
Bow at the heal on the A string.On the middle strings.On the C string.  
  6 Drop your arm close to
your body on the C string.

Moving the bow across the
strings from high to low.


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