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Parts of the Cello

A series of images to help beginner cello students learn during the first few months of lessons.

The Bow

How to tighten a violin or cello bow.

1 Hold the bow by the lower part of the stick. Do not touch the horse hair.
Violin Bow
2 Do not over tighten the bow. The stick should always bend slightly towards the horse hair and never away from it.

Always loosen the bow before putting it away.

The Cello


Violin Scroll

4 Hold the cello by the neck. Avoid touching the pegs as this can make it go out of tune.
5 Keep your cello and case out of the sun and away from heaters, otherwise the varnish will blister, the wood will become damaged and the instrument will fall apart as it is only held together with glue.
6 When not in use store your instrument in a safe place where there is no possibility of sun getting on it during any part of the day and out of reach of younger family members. Never leave it in a car.


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