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Music Lessons in South Auckland

There are many music tuition opportunities for young people in South Auckland. A wide variety of instruments are available including violin, viola, cello, double bass, clarinet, flute, trumpet, saxophone and recorder. Prices, instruments and class sizes vary.

Manukau Youth Orchestra Musical Instrument Tuition Programmes in Manurewa for Young People

The Manukau Youth Orchestra runs music tuition programmes in three schools in Manurewa.

Learn violin, viola, cello or double bass at our string orchestra schools. Learn flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet or trombone at our band school. Check these out first if your child goes to one of the above schools, otherwise investigate the following options.

Music Schools - After School Lessons

Government funded Music Schools offer lessons for primary and intermediate school students after school and/or on Saturday morning. In South Auckland there are; Kedgley Music Centre at Kedgley Intermediate School in Papatoetoe, Manurewa Music School at Greenmeadows Intermediate School and the Papakura Music School at Mansell Senior School. For Music Schools in other areas contact the Ministry of Education.

The Howick School of Music and Majors 'n' Minors are non-government funded organisations offering lessons to school students of all ages based in Howick and Pukekohe respectively.

Primary & Intermediate Schools

There are a number of primary and intermediate schools that offer music lessons during school hours often run by outside organisations such as the Manukau Youth Orchestra based in Manurewa, the Tironui Trust based in Papatoetoe and Sistema Aotearoa based in Otara.

Music in High Schools

Many high schools provide music tuition programmes which are funded by the government with lessons taught during school hours. The selection of available instruments depends on the school and you need to contact your high school for information about specific programmes.

Private Lessons

There are a number of private music tutors in South Auckland. To find a private teacher contact the Music Department of your local High School, Manukau Symphony Orchestra, Manukau Youth Orchestra, Institue of Registered Music Teachers, Piano Traders or lookup the Music Teachers Directory.

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