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Violin Fingering - Left Hand Hold

A series of images to help beginner violin students learn how to hold the violin with the correct
technique. Designed to help younger children when first starting lessons.


Violin Left Hand Hold

Thumb & Finger Postion

Violin Left Hand HoldThe crease between your hand and fingers should line up with the top of the finger board.

The left side of the violin neck should rest on the top joint of the thumb. In these images (left and right) the thumb position is wrong and sitting too high. The larger image in the centre below shows correct thumb placement.



Straight Wrist

There should be a small gap between the underside of the violin neck and your hand. Your wrist should be straight and the palm of your hand should not touch the neck of the violin.

Arm Under the Violin

Your elbow should be under the violin and your arm turn "naturally" so that your fingers come up and over and down onto the finger board as shown to the right. Don't forget to stop and stretch.

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